Smart Choices

Alcohol is no ordinary commodity and LCBO staff is committed to helping Ontarians make responsible choices about its consumption. Our goal is to help partners develop programs and raise public awareness initiatives that foster a culture of moderation.

Did you know that Canada has a set of low-risk drinking guidelines? Developed through an expert scientific advisory process coordinated through the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA), these guidelines provide Canadians who choose to drink with key information to help them make informed drinking choices that support a culture of moderation.

When it comes to alcohol and health, and to guiding men and women about limiting risk, we look to expert organizations like CCSA and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). The guidelines include daily and weekly limits for men and women, special occasions, circumstances when no alcohol is the best choice (such as during pregnancy) and key information about why the best choice for youth is to delay drinking until they’ve reached the legal drinking age.

Since the guidelines were released in November 2011, we’ve partnered with CCSA and CAMH by producing nearly one million brochures and promoting Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines, through LCBO’s free consumer publication Food & Drink, on our website, and to customers shopping in our stores across Ontario. Pick up a copy next time you’re at an LCBO store or download the guidelines from CCSA site.

The LCBO also partnered with ConnexOntario to support the development of bilingual information cards to promote the free, confidential Ontario Drug and Alcohol Helpline, available in LCBO stores. Visit the site here.